Miraizukiri - Building the future

The origin of Miraizukuri

The word combination is derived from two Japanese expressions, mirai meaning future and zukuri meaning to build. The logo of the Miraizukuri program depicts the three Mitsubishi Electric diamonds and a fourth diamond, symbolizing university students.

We contribute to the professional success of engineering students

Increased interest in technical subjects and the growing demand for highly skilled workers are both important factors in the development of a company.

Employees are expected to have practical knowledge as well as theoretical knowledge. Mitsubishi Electric Miraizukuri's education program for engineering students in higher education helps to achieve this.

We support higher education in technology

We know that the more prepared and the more practical experience a student has, the more valuable they are in the labour market. High quality education and professional training contribute significantly to students' professional success.

Through the Miraizukuri education program, we support future engineers to ensure that they receive the right education and acquire sufficient practical knowledge during their studies.

We provide products from Mitsubishi Electric to the university laboratories, training engineering students and future business partners. In addition to the opportunity to develop their practical skills, students will also get to know Mitsubishi Electric equipment.

Mitsubishi Electric is a student-friendly company

Our education program contributes to maintaining high standards of education in engineering at universities.

Through internships on our equipment, young people can gain experience in the operation of the latest industrial automation components and industrial robots, while at the same time, if they wish to pursue a career in industrial automation with Mitsubishi Electric, they will be richer in the knowledge of working on native equipment.

Providing students with access to Mitsubishi Electric's training module is also important for promoting the brand as a student-friendly one.