MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better
MELSOFT GT Works3 improves screen design efficiency and utilizes existing data. Professional designs can be achieved with just a few clicks.

Create HMI screens with some clicks

Work Tree

The work tree automatically organizes every piece of your project so it's easy to find later. The files are split among three logical categories so you know where to look intuitively. Additionally you can now create new screens or comments directly from the work tree by double clicking "New."


Hovering over icons with the mouse now provides detailed tool-tips. The user tool bar now remembers the last function used to further increase screen design efficiency. Many icons are now rendered in vibrant color for easy identification.

Screen Elements Library

The library tree has been reorganized and sorted to help users find the right element more quickly. For example, it is now possible to jump directly to items based on "appearance" or "function." A feature to select items from a recent history list is also included.

Dialog Boxes

Set-up and operation of the system has been simplified by including easy-to-identify tabs. Tabs which have already been configured are noted with asterisk to show designers that object settings have been modified. Arrange On/Off switches and images by range and check them as you configure them.

Simulator Function

Verify the correct operation of GOT projects on a PC, without the need for GOT or PLC hardware. Check that the system alarms operate, screen transitions are correct, and monitor devices all using the simulator. (Excluding GT10)

Automatic Selection of OS

Because different GOT operating systems are required based on the screen data present, the screen design software will automatically choose and upload the correct OS when transferring projects to the GOT.

Personalized Default Settings

Save time by choosing your own defaults for shapes and objects. Registering the most frequently used settings as defaults saves you the trouble of making the same changes repeatedly to each of those objects.

Adding Objects to Your Favorites

Create a collection of favorite parts to avoid configuring from default every time. Objects in the "Favorites tool bar" can be picked and placed quickly. To add an item to your favorites list, simply click the "register" button in the "My favorites" folder in "Library"