MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better
This PC based robot programming software is used with all Mitsubishi Electric robots. Programming, monitoring and debugging are some of the features of the powerful software package.

Programming made easy

RT ToolBox3 is the programming environment for all Mitsubishi Electric robots. It enables users to create programs in minutes using the MELFA BASIC IV, V and VI robot languages (varies depending on the model).

Total engineering support

RT ToolBox3 supports all processes from system startup to debugging and operations, including programming and editing, verification of the scope of operations prior to introducing a robot, estimation of tact time, robot debugging prior to startup, and monitoring of robot conditions and malfunctions during operations.

From programming to startup and maintenance

Robot movements, operational status, input signals, and servo conditions can be monitored easily thanks to the preventive maintenance forecast function that notifies users of the robot’s greasing time and battery life-time. An assistance function for position recovery in the event of trouble is shortening the break down time.

Simulation functions

RT ToolBox3 simulates created programs for up to eight robots. Robot movements can be verified and tact time can be measured. Such simulation functions are also effective for preliminary examinations. Furthermore, signals can be linked to GX Works3 for easy creation of line simulators.

RT ToolBox3 Pro

RT ToolBox3 Pro offers an add-on for SolidWorks® and is able to use all the advanced functions of this modern 3D CAD package. This set of powerful software tools helps throughout the planning, programming and test phases of your project. “Reachability” checks in the early planning stages help you to select the most suitable robot systems for each task. Optimising the layout of your application will get easy by moving robots and other work cell components in the simulation at will.

Automatic robot program creation

By loading 3D CAD data of the relevant workpiece to SolidWorks® and setting processing conditions and areas, teaching position data and robot movement programs can be generated automatically. RT ToolBox3 supports even programs for work pieces with complex shapes that require multiple teaching position data.

Authentic simulation environment

Robot programs can be tested directly in the simulation environment, eliminating the need to remove the actual work cell from the production process for testing. An Interferences check between the robot and a peripheral device is active during the simulation and can be specified by clicking on the device. The path of the robot movement is displayed by a line in space.