MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better

Optimization and energy saving thanks to data transparency

INEA is the leading Slovenian technology provider in the field of automation, process control and manufacturing informatics, specialized in energy management.

Energy and ecology

In the fields of energy and ecology INEA offers integrated solution from feasibility study and conceptual project to system commissioning and handing over the operation including system maintenance.

Within the framework of electricity and automation system management in a production plant, INEA manages electric peak demand leveling systems integrated with energy flows measurements, usage of Key Performance Indicators and targeted energy consumption monitoring, for media such as e.g. compressed air, water, natural gas, heating oil, various industrial gases.

Energy Control Pack

As a long-term e-F@ctory partner, INEA took an active part in the software development of Mitsubishi Electric’s Energy Control Pack (ECP).

To optimized energy usage there must be a complete transparency throughout the enterprise, from shop floor to top floor. This is offered in the Energy Control Pack which is based on Mitsubishi Electric’s MES-IT e-F@ctory concept.

The key features of the Energy Control Pack are the ability to limit power consumption over time and the ability to be aware of and manage power peaks to minimize cost. The latter make ECP particularly appropriate for organizations with irregular power consumption patterns.

ECP system scalability is achived by modular design, which enables it to be upgraded into a complete system for electric energy control and management of all sources of energy.