MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better

Integration of web services into the control level of your plants

Much more than a simple static web server, the Mako Server bundles all of the components and tools needed to easily and efficiently build fast, graphically rich and dynamic web applications for embedded devices. All the required functionality is built in, so there is no need for the traditional enterprise plug-in based application server framework, which requires massive amounts of resources.

Providing everything that is required to produce sophisticated web applications in a single, complete package, Mako server promises to save time, cost and effort. Applications are developed using Lua scripting language which is very easy to learn. Embedding Mako server into theC Controller means all communications to and from the PLC and the connected equipment are pre-configured, so there is no need to write any communications protocols.

Functions included as standard include:

  • Event handler – Asynchronous bi-direction HTTP(S) protocol
  • Lua Server Pages, including Lua virtual machine
  • SSL/TLS client/server including SSL certificate
  • Raima database, SQLite database and Lua SQL bindings
  • Web services – JSON-RPC, XML-RPC and SOAP
  • HTTP(S) client libraries
  • Client and server (secure) TCP socket API
  • Mail (SMTP) client

Security considerations

Embedded device security is vital for the systems that underpin industrial networks and critical applications. Remote management and device maintenance cannot result in any security risk to the constant communications between sensors or device nodes, controllers and back-end systems.

Mako Server secures all communications, authenticating the user associated with a session automatically when the user logs on.

Mako Server also includes the WebDAV plug-in for secure file sharing, providing a simple and secure means of updating the web server on the C Controller, effectively connecting the C Controller to a PC as a conventional extended network drive.

Managing intelligent systems

With the Real Time Logic Mako Server embedded in the Mitsubishi ElectricC Controller, users can quickly and efficiently develop the sophisticated embedded web applications needed to master Industry 4.0, cloud connections, Internet of Things applications and more.

Real Time Logic